Saturday Sunset Cruises on The Marsh

Saturday Sunset Cruises on The Marsh

Published on July 10th, 2019

Summer sunsets on the marsh just might be our favorite thing! C’mon, what better way to enjoy an evening than gliding through the water at sunset? Starting on July 6 and going through September 21, explore the natural wonders throughout the Horicon Marsh with a relaxing, narrated sunset tour.

Each Saturday, prior to boarding the cruise, our guests sample local Widmer’s handcrafted cheeses from their cellar as well as fresh fruit from the local Horicon Farmer’s market while enjoying the beautiful, breathtaking scenery of the marsh, on land—all before gliding out into the beautiful waters at dusk for a ninety-minute cruise.

Our cruises serve as the perfect romantic date night or group activity, including the cool breeze, breathtaking views, nature’s noises, and relaxing memories! Grab your hoodies, your favorite people and snuggle your way under your blankets while your boat meanders down the Rock River into Horicon Marsh during a romantic sunset,

Don’t wait, plan your trip to Horicon Marsh soon and experience a Saturday Sunset Cruise for yourself.