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About Horicon Marsh Boat Tours

For the past 50 years, Horicon Marsh Boat Tours has been helping you experience one of America’s great natural treasures. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, an inquisitive nature enthusiast or just someone who’s curious about the Horicon Marsh, you need to take a pontoon boat tour. You’ll be led by the Horicon Marsh’s most knowledgeable guide, who will reveal to you the marsh’s birds, wildlife and significant ecological features. For those who want a more solitary marsh experience, Horicon Marsh Boat Tours rents canoes and kayaks. Since 1963, Horicon Marsh Boat Tours has been a family-owned business noted for our commitment to the environment and dedication to protecting the marsh. We are Wisconsin Travel Green certified. Tours are offered from May 1 through late October. Call and reserve your space on the boat today and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

The Horicon Marsh Boat Tours Story

In 1963, Roland Zuelsdorf began giving tours of the Horicon Marsh in a small eight-passenger pontoon boat. Passengers were treated to a rare glimpse into a wetland known as “The Little Everglades of the North.” The 1-hour narrated tours allowed visitors a chance to experience firsthand the birds, animals and plant-life that inhabited the marsh.

Through word-of-mouth, the popularity of these pontoon boat tours grew. Forty-nine years later, the Zuelsdorf family continues to serve as ambassadors to the Horicon Marsh.

Roland’s eight-passenger pontoon boat was soon replaced with larger boats in 1966 and 1988. In 1984, the tour business expanded to offer canoe rentals, giving visitors a new way to experience the marsh. In 2001, kayak rentals were offered.

The variety of tours expanded as well. In addition to the 1-hour narrated Sightseeing Tour, Horicon Marsh Boat Tours offers a Sunset Cruise, Birding Adventure and Guided Canoe and Kayak Tours.

Commitment to the Environment

Through the nearly five decades of serving visitors to the marsh, Horicon Marsh Boat Tours has been committed to preserving and protecting the Horicon Marsh and the environment as a whole.

The four-stroke Mercury motors minimize emissions and conserve fuel. The high-riding pontoon boats operated at low speeds help to prevent damage of the wetland habitat. Most importantly, the Zuelsdorf’s have worked hard to educate visitors on the ecology of the marsh and the factors that are crucial to the marsh’s continued survival.

In 2007, Horicon Marsh Boat Tours was recognized for their ongoing commitment to the environment when they became the first business in Dodge County to receive Travel Green Wisconsin certification. This commitment comes naturally for the Zuelsdorf family, whose lives are spent celebrating the marsh and sharing its natural wonders with others.